Meal Plan // 22.08.16

Last weeks Meal Plan actually went very well. However we didn’t have a freezer meal on Sunday. We had a very naughty Domino’s as part of our WWE Pay Per View Tradition. Don’t tell my Slimming World Consultant! I read somewhere that one slice of Dominos pizza can be up to 20 syns! I dread to think how many syns I actually had last night. My meal plan for this week is basically using up what we already have in our two freezers. I want to run the freezers down so I can stock up on yummy Christmas food. Meal… View Post

Just Another Linky // 20.08.16

Happy Weekend Everyone and welcome back to Just Another Linky. I hope you have all had a fantastic week. Post Comments: This is new to #justanotherlinky and Beth thought it was a good idea to add it to the linky so people don’t link drop and run. Last week’s linky wasn’t terribly busy but we were still happy with the people who did comment on other posts {this does not include the host posts!}. Sadly, there was 1 post which had no comments apart from Beth and I. So please remember that the linky is open until Monday and there… View Post

Scorching Summer Giveaway // Win £150 Amazon Vouchers

I don’t know about you, but we have had a lovely summer so far. The weather hasn’t been too hot and the kids have managed to stay off their inhalers so far. I noticed the other day that Summer is nearly over. The first leaves on the trees outside my house have started to turn orange as they do this time every year. A wake up call the Summer is ending and Autumn is on it’s way. So to celebrate the Summer, I have another giveaway for you lovely readers. A group of lovely UK Bloggers have teamed up to bring… View Post

Tangle Teezer // Review

  When I was asked if I wanted to review the Tangle Teezer I got really excited. Why? I hear you ask. Because I had heard so many fantastic things about the Tangle Teezer being the miracle hairbrush for all types of hair. I have very fine hair, but I also have a lot of it. This means that my hair knots very easily and when it’s wet, it is an absolute nightmare. I have used a Synthetic Bristle Cushion Brush for as long as I can remember. It does eventually get my knots out, but I have to almost… View Post

Meal Plan // 15.08.16

Last weeks meal plan sort of went to plan however I swapped a few of the meals around to different days. Also we did have a takeaway on the Friday after I got back from London. The chicken jambalaya was absolutely awful. I won’t be having that again. EVER! All I could taste was lemon and thyme, despite there only being a tiny bit in. We didn’t have the Campfire Stew so I have put that on this weeks menu and will be replacing the chicken with sausages as Matt thinks it will go nicer. Also Lucas is more likely… View Post