4 Things You Need To Teach Your Kids When They Are Young // 02.11.16

A lot of kids grow up not knowing how to do some essential things such as cooking and cleaning. It means when they head off to university, they struggle to look after themselves! Therefore, as parents, we need to ensure we start teaching our kids life skills when they are young. That way, you won’t look back with regret that you didn’t start early enough. Here are four things you need to teach your kids when they are young to help them in the long-term! Things You Need To Teach Your Kids You need to teach them about a healthy… View Post

Santa’s Surprise Giveaway // 02.11.16

So Halloween came and went with a flash and now we are on the countdown to Christmas. I am determined to be organised this year and have actually nearly finished my Christmas Shopping. Don’t envy me, I assure you, it’s a one off. I am usually a disorganised mess at life in general. But seriously, how fast has this year gone? It literally seems like yesterday was new years day! I feel like I have done absolutely diddly squat this year and my to do list is as long as ever. Anyway, enough of that. Lots of lovely UK Bloggers… View Post

Win £150 Argos Vouchers // With Chad Valley

I have recently been invited to be a Chad Valley Toy Panelist, which the boys and I are super excited about. I have been a big fan of Chad Valley since Cameron was little and we already have lots of their toys. Did you know Chad Valley have over 400 toys in their range? With so many high quality toys, there is something for every child. In the next couple of months we will be bringing you lots of exciting posts about the amazing toys Chad Valley have to offer, Win £150 Argos Vouchers In celebration of this, Chad Valley… View Post

Pizza Express & Deliveroo Review II // 21.10.16

At the beginning of the month I was invited by Pizza Express to try out their delivery service with Deliveroo. To be honest it wasn’t a great experience. You can read about my previous experience here. Pizza Express, naturally, were disappointed that I was….. well disappointed with the service, so they asked if I would like another opportunity to try our their food via the Deliveroo delivery service. Obviously I wasn’t going to turn this down. I hate giving less than positive reviews but I will always be honest. Therefore I wanted to give Pizza Express the opportunity to provide… View Post

Between Heaven and Hell // Book Review

NEW RELEASE One war… Opposing sides… It’s a recipe for heartbreak. In a war that pits Lucifer against the Army of Heaven, it’s a recipe for disaster. Between Heaven and Hell The lives of Adryel and Ramael, two young angels who are in love, are altered forever when God determines to create humans. His decision is met with scorn from Lucifer, one of the archangels. The humans, he asserts, will cause evil and chaos throughout creation. God’s proposal, he says, is flawed. As Lucifer debates the plan’s merits with another archangel in Palace Square, their discussion turns into argument. Argument… View Post