Cameron’s Third Speech Therapy Appointment // 15.01.13

Third Speech Therapy Appointment

I had high hopes for today’s speech therapy appointment. I hoped over the Christmas break, the speech therapist would have come up with some plan or at least some useful tips in order to help us move Cameron forward in his speech development.

Again I was wrong.

Getting Nowhere Again.

It was just a repeat of everything Cameron had been asked to do in previous sessions. 90% of it was not even speech development related. It was more listening and understanding skills. ‘Can you put the bear in the bag?’ ‘Which one do you open a door with’

There is nothing wrong with Cameron’s listening and understanding

She then mentioned again about using sign language as a bridge. Matt & I had discussed this and both agreed this was not the way forward. Cameron already communicated by humming. Using sign language would be taking a step side ways, we want him to move forward.

The speech therapist tested him on his phonics, which she knows he can do as she has tested him before. He still has trouble pronouncing some letters but he is saying them. I made a suggestion that maybe we could use his knowledge on the phonics to build into words. However, she literally shot me down saying that its not the normal way people learn how to communicate. I replied to her that Cameron was not a normal child and we needed to find a way that would help him. I then asked her what her suggestion was, and her response was I dont know! She is meant to be the expert!


I then said to her that Cameron can not be the only child in the world who may have Autism, a speech delay and hums his words. Somewhere in this world there must be a child who has had this and has learnt how to speak!!!  She had no answer for this either.

The Speech Therapist then decided to state that Cameron’s attention span isn’t as good as it should be. She was making me more and more frustrated by the minute. If you put a child in a room full of toys, toys that they haven’t played with before, they are going to want to explore and look at everything. Cameron likes to explore his surroundings, he always has and his pre-school encourage him to do this.

Then to make matters worse she almost accused me of not wanting to help Cameron as I was not willing to take him to these specialist groups with other children. The only reason for this is cause they all fall on the days Cameron is at nursery, and it is more beneficial for Cameron to be in a setting with children who can speak. Plus I honestly believe from the bottom of my heart that these groups would not be able to offer any more advice than we have already been given!

So once again I left the session frustrated and very tearful. Cameron was also not happy after being asked over and over again to repeat an activity to prove he knows how to do it.



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  1. PinkOddy January 15, 2013 / 11:24 pm

    #awful these sessions aren't they (((hugs))). Our son is still being assessed so we can't even say he has "Autism" yet – and our speech therapist has always been insistent that there is NOTHING wrong – well everyone else seems to be leaning towards the fact he does have it.
    I took him out of preschool for "specialist" speech therapy sessions, and call me paranoid but they felt like "are you parenting him properly" sessions. Seeing if I was "playing" with him RIGHT (I have FOUR children!!)

    So (sorry to bang on about me) but I'm just trying to say you are not alone.
    If you find a solution please let us know. We find visual aids are good – and you can say, get him to say the picture too.
    Good luck.

  2. Mark Bloom January 16, 2013 / 3:15 pm

    If you can find the humor or beauty in Cameron and keep your focus there, perhaps the pain will be easier to bare?

  3. admin January 17, 2013 / 12:09 pm

    I think with the Speech Therapist, she is very textbook based and no room to expand around that. I need someone on board who is not afraid to try new things, things that might work with Cameron. After all every child is different.

    Cameron is a brilliant little boy, so smart and funny. There is no pain, just frustrating because as a parent all I want to do is help him.

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