The Bad Weather We Had // 22.11.12

Bad Weather

With Cameron happily settled at Pre-School for his first day, it was time for me to get on with some much needed housework.

The first thing I had to do was to sort out the mess in my back garden. We have a big problem with badgers coming into our garden at night and ripping the bin bags open. They live in the allotments opposite our house and at night our back garden becomes their feeding ground.

I needed to bag up all the mess and take the new bags out the front for the bin men to take away the following day. Its a very tedious task and I hate doing it.

We have had really bad weather and it has been really windy out for the last few days. So I needed to wedge both the front and back door open to do this.

I was just taking the last of the bags out the front when the neighbour stopped me and we exchanged pleasantries. The next thing I know the wind has suddenly picked up and there was an almighty BANG.

That was my front door slamming shut.

Luckily I had my house keys on me and felt quite smug about it.

I walk back up my garden path and see that the glass in my front door had smashed!

I mutter ‘For F**k sake under my breath*

The Broken Glass

I go in the house, close the door and more glass falls out. Thank goodness Cameron is at nursery.

I ring the Housing Association and get through to Gary. I dislike Gary with a passion. He is a bleeding idiot.

Last year I got stuck out on my balcony in the summer cause the heat made the door expand and it closed behind me. Luckily I had my mobile on me, rang the Housing Association and got through to Gary who replied. ‘Dont go anywhere we are sending someone out’….

Where the hell did Gary think I was going to go? I was stuck on a balcony 15ft up. No Gary I am not going anywhere!

So Gary said he would call me back to let me know when they would come out to fix the glass. However Gary didn’t call back, no he bloody didn’t. So I rang again and was told within 4 hours, great, I have a smashed front door, I have to pick Cameron up in an hour and Matt is in bed ill.

In the end it took the Housing Association 3 hours to turn up. They were going to board it up but I didn’t like the sound of that, so I insisted they replace the glass. Fortunately they did.

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Bad Weather



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