Far Cry 3 // A Gamers Review

Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 has been given a 9/10 by IGN and a 10/10 by EuroGamer.

I have been waiting 3 years for this game to come out. Actually I probably speak for the whole Far Cry 2 Community when I say that. Far Cry 2 was dying, every day less and less people were coming on to play and then blip, it just died, leaving us twiddling our thumbs waiting for FC3.
I reserved two copies of the game because both Matt & I play it together. We naturally reserved the insane edition.

We have been tracking the progress of FC3 for months and were very impressed by all the game play we saw, both single player and online multiplayer. However it did look very ‘pretty’ and very much like a ‘baby Battlefield’ But we were confident that with all the hype Ubisoft had made over it and the amount of time it took for the sodding game to be released, It would be good.


On release day, I head into town to pick the games up. A friend I know who works in Gamestation told me that it had had good sales so far.
Was this new Far Cry going to be on the same level as the COD Games?COD MW2 was Epic! If it was going to be anything like that, then yes it would really be the Highest Rated Shooter of The Year as GamePur.com describes it. Well at £120 for both the games, FC3 had better deliver!

 So what did we think of the game?

Single Player Mode – Brilliant, out of this world. Very Much like Red Dead Redemption with the twist of Far Cry added in. I loved the first Chapter. Yes granted all you have to do it crouch, run, jump and climb, but the graphics are excellent. I didn’t spend much time on this last night, but was very impressed with what I saw.
Online co-op mode – We dragged in two of our friends with us to try this out. It was not a success. Took several attempts for us all to get into the game together. Kept kicking us out, freezing our xbox’s and generally being a pain in the bum! The most annoying part was in order to complete a level, we would have to go into a hut and throw grenades at ourselves and die. This was the only way to get through to the next level after the game kept glitching.  I think after about 5 attempts we gave up.

NOTE TO UBISOFT – Urgent Patch Needed!!!!!

Online Multiplayer mode – I am so disappointed with this, I could really cry. Ubisoft you have ripped us off with this part and killed it.Where to begin… probably with the most important part… YOU CANT PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!!!

Yes, your friends can get into the same lobby as you, but whether they are on the same team as you that is just pot luck. There is no dedicated lobby system like that in FC2 but there is no party system either (such as those found on MW2 and MW3)

Ubisoft…. what were you thinking????? I really want to know. You have totally abandoned your loyal gamers from FC Instincts Predator and FC2 and just made this really, into a single player game. The muliplayer games are laggy (we expect some lag from Far Cry, but not this much), glitchy and generally not good at all.

NOTE TO UBISOFT – Urgent Patch Needed!!!!

We are hoping that Ubisoft will introduce the party system for the Online Multiplayer, if not then the game has died before it’s even begun.

So overall, if you are not interested in playing online, then this will be an excellent game for you especially if you like games such as Red Dead Redemption. If you are a FC Instincts Predator and a FC 2 Fan, then I’m sorry, but you will be disappointed by the lack of effort and substance that Ubisoft have put in the multiplayer.


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