Why I Dislike 100% Attendance Certificates // 04.02.16

I really dislike 100% Attendance Certificates and the perks that children get for 100% attendance. In fact I think it should all be banned.  In the past few years I have heard that children not only get certificates, they also get prizes. This could be a new bike, a trip to somewhere nice and I have even read about a school who gifted it’s pupils Kindles for 100% attendance.  I am not sure of the process at Cameron’s school, to be honest, I haven’t taken much notice. Cameron will never achieve 100% attendance because of his wheeze. At the time… View Post

10 Reasons Why My Son Gets Out Of Bed At Night // 03.02.16

We have the same bedtime routine for Cameron most nights. He gets into bed, I read him a story, then he will watch Neflix for an hour before he falls asleep. However lately, Cameron is becoming a real pain at bedtime and it feels like he spends more time out of bed than in bed. I hear it’s a phase they go through, so here are the reasons why Cameron gets up at night. 1. Needs the toilet It’s amazing how many times Cameron needs to go to toilet in the hour he is watching Netflix. I’ve counted 4 times… View Post

Word Of The Week // 10.10.15

My word of the week this week is Wheeze. Cameron has been suffering with wheeze for two years now. It all started after Cameron caught the RSV virus at his pre-school which turned into Bronchiolitis. The winter of 2013 was spent in and out of hospital, about 11 courses of steroids, hundreds of blue inhalers and a few nebalisers thrown in for good measure. Last winter was not too bad, the inhalers did their job, Cameron didn’t need steroids and we only had one hospital visit, which was just a check over. I thought finally Cameron was growing out of… View Post

My Sunday Photo // 06.09.15

One of our activities over the Summer holidays was to paint. I have a huge roll of paper for such events so I could cover most of the kitchen floor. I put different colour paints in pots and let Cameron and Lucas get on with it.  Lucas is still not too sure what paints are but he had fun crawling through the paint and making a mess. It took three baths to get all the paint off of them! But as long as they had fun, that’s all that matters.  View Post

#MagicSquaresPlaydates // Petits Filous Magic Squares

Petits Filous have introduced a new range of tasty yoghurts called Magic Squares. They are available in two varieties, Strawberry & Vanilla and Raspberry & Vanilla.  “The unique quadrant shape of the Petits Filous Magic Squares  range creates a new eating experience and allows kids to mix up the magic.  Whether they taste one flavour at a time, experiment with a  mouthful of each, or totally mix it up, kids will love  exploring the delicious new flavours” Petits Filous Magic Sqaures not only contains calcium, it also contains Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps the body absorb the calcium to build… View Post