Turtle Fun // Review & Giveaway

Recently we were sent the Turtle Fun game by IMC Toys and have had lots of fun playing it. Turtle Fun is a memory game that you have to guess the right combination of colours that are predetermined by the turtle. Turtle fun has over 108 different colour combinations meaning lots of fun play. All you have to do is press one of the turtle’s fins. If you have guessed the correct colour, the turtle’s head pops out and you get a happy turtle noise. If you have guessed wrong, the turtles head goes back in (If you have a correct… View Post

Hoopa City – Review

I was really excited that Cameron would get to review Hoopa City. He loves playing games on my phone and is a bit of a technical whiz. Here’s what the game developers say: “Designed for kids aged 5 to 8 years (ok, and parents too!) HOOPA CITY lets budding builders’ imaginations run wild as they help Hoopa Hippo create lively villages, towns and cities, all populated by Dr.Panda and his friends. The star of the show is a new game mechanic, which not only lets you combine different materials to build roads, houses and more but different elements too. These… View Post

The You Tube Game

What is the You Tube Game? I hear you ask. Well let me explain. A few weeks ago. Matt and I were challenging each other to a ‘Name that song’ whilst I was cooking tea. We got quite competitive with it (As we do with everything) and so decided to continue it when Cameron had gone to bed. Basically you need to choose 10 song categories, write them on a pieces of paper, fold the pieces of paper up and put them in a pot. You then decide who goes first. As me and Matt couldn’t decide, we had several… View Post

Far Cry 3 // A Gamers Review

Far Cry 3 has been given a 9/10 by IGN and a 10/10 by EuroGamer. I have been waiting 3 years for this game to come out. Actually I probably speak for the whole Far Cry 2 Community when I say that. Far Cry 2 was dying, every day less and less people were coming on to play and then blip, it just died, leaving us twiddling our thumbs waiting for FC3. I reserved two copies of the game because both Matt & I play it together. We naturally reserved the insane edition. We have been tracking the progress of… View Post