Transition Funding

As you may all know by now, Cameron, my eldest has a Speech Delay. It’s not as bad as it used to be. When I started this blog back in 2012, Cameron was only able to say a handful of words and the rest he would hum. We have come a long way since then, however his speech is still not perfect and a lot of people do have problems understanding him. Because we knew Cameron would struggle when he starts school this year, his former Pre-School and I applied for transition funding. This funding would help Cameron transfer from… View Post

Cameron’s Tac Meeting – 23/10/2013

Cameron’s latest TAC meeting was held on the 23/10/2013 This meeting was a lot more relaxed than the last TAC meetings. There was no talk of Autism and I didn’t have to spend the whole meeting fighting against people and defending Cameron. This meeting was attended by Cameron’s SEN, his keyworker, the Area SENCO and myself. We discussed Cameron and how he was at the moment. His nursery noted that he is very into trains and will regularly build the train track and play with it. This is also what he likes to do at home. He always has his… View Post

Cameron’s Speech and Learning to write

I am linking up with Jane’s Small Steps Amazing Achievements again this week. You can find out more about it here Cameron has been building on his Speech this week with a little help from Daddy. At the moment Cameron is talking more but omitting the consonants of the word. So Matt sat down with Cameron and helped him with this. The two words they concentrated on was Three and Four. After about 20 minutes Cameron learnt how to say the ‘Th’ and the ‘F’ and actually managed to say Three and Four perfectly. We are so proud of him.… View Post

Cameron is learning to write

I was making Cameron’s lunch for pre-school yesterday when I noticed that Cameron was very quiet in the living room. Now down to experience, this is never a good sign. I go into the living room and he is knelt up against the sofa with a pen in his hand and looking at his Chuggington magazine I go over to him and am amazed at what I see. He has copied the word stop in the magazine I am so proud of him for this. He did this on his own, without any help. I am hoping we can build… View Post

Our Visit To Cameron’s Potential New School

Last week we went to visit a school which we would really love Cameron to go to next year. Matt went to this school when he was a child and it is a really fab school. It is also really over subscribed. They turned down 40 people for a place this year. The school also has a fantastic Ofsted Report. We were shown round the school by year 2 pupils. That makes them about 6! They were so sweet and I really felt for them. I wouldn’t have been able to do that at that age. The school was awesome.… View Post