The You Tube Game

What is the You Tube Game? I hear you ask.

Well let me explain.

A few weeks ago. Matt and I were challenging each other to a ‘Name that song’ whilst I was cooking tea. We got quite competitive with it (As we do with everything) and so decided to continue it when Cameron had gone to bed.

Basically you need to choose 10 song categories, write them on a pieces of paper, fold the pieces of paper up and put them in a pot.

You then decide who goes first. As me and Matt couldn’t decide, we had several games of ‘Rock, scissors, paper’ to decide.

I won, so I chose my category first.

My category was No.1’s of the 2000’s

So Matt chose the songs on YouTube.

I would get one point for naming the song and one point for naming the artist.

He would sit opposite me and play the songs and I would need to guess them.

Here is my first round score.

It was Matt’s turn next. His category was No.1’s of the 1980’s

Here was his results

So we are even stevens here!

The idea is to really test the other’s knowledge. You are not supposed to pick songs that you know they will get.

And so we went for two more rounds.

So after 3 rounds we were still even stevens!!!

It was great fun playing this game and a brilliant way to spend time with your other half or even a group of friends.

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