Welcome and thank you for stopping by.

I’m Laura and I am a 30 year old blogger from Bath, UK. I have two wonderful sons, Cameron (7) & Lucas (4)

I originally started My Life As A Mummy to document Cameron’s unusual speech delay in 2012. Since then, the blog has grown from strength to strength and now covers everything including parenting, lifestyle, food and blogging tips.

In 2016, I decided to take a break from blogging. Lucas had been diagnosed with Austism, my health was deteriorating and I was just plain exhausted.

Roll forward to May 2018, the last two years have been hard. Austism, Chromosome Duplications and Autoimmune Diseases have hit our house like a ton of bricks.

But now is the right time for me to come back.

You many have noticed that the blog looks a little bare at the moment. Well that’s because all my posts have been reverted to drafts, so I can edit them and make them better.

 Over the last six years I have worked with some amazing brands on different projects. I love working with brands to review and help promote their products.
I also work with a lot of brands to host competitions and giveaways.
Some of the amazing brands I have worked with:
If you would like me to review and help promote your product, please email me on mylifeasamummy@outlook.com