Cameron’s Easter Card and Biscuits // 21.03.13

Easter Card

I love it when Cameron makes me things at Nursery. I am not sure if he know he’s making it for me. However I get very excited when I go to pick him up and see him holding what he has made me. They seem to make a lot of things at Pre School, for example the Mothers Day Card which you can read about here.

Today he had made me an Easter Card and some Easter Biscuits.

Easter Card & BiscuitsĀ 

Easter Card
Easter Card
Easter Card
Easter Biscuits
Cameron was really proud of what he made today and showed it to me with lots of enthusiastic humming. The Easter Biscuits didn’t last long. No surprise there really.
This had made me one happy Mummy today!




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  1. Dina Farmer March 22, 2013 / 1:25 am

    Awww so sweet and what a neat idea I love it!

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