Cameron’s Paediatrician Appointment // 16.01.13

Cameron had his first Paediatrician Appointment yesterday. I took Matt with me this time as I was so down about the results from the Speech Therapy Appointment on Tuesday.

The Paediatrician Appointment

The Paediatrician was absolutely wonderful. She was the exact opposite to the Speech Therapist.

Cameron walked into the room, said hi to the paediatrician (By waving) and then just sat down and played with the toys whilst we all got acquainted.

The Paediatrician asked a lot of questions about Cameron, which was good as it gave her a clear picture of Cameron.

She then took out her stethoscope to listen to Cameron’s heart beat (Not sure why). I thought Cameron was going to react badly with this as he doesn’t like to be poked and prodded. He will try to run away when I take him to the Doctors. BUT because she was so friendly to him and even let him hold it, he was fine. He was socialising with her, speaking in his humming tones. He was showing her the toys he was playing with and interacting with her. All these things are not a sign of a typical Autistic child.

When she held out her hands for Cameron to hold so he could jump, instead of Cameron holding them, he counted his fingers. As I have said before Cameron has a personal liking of counting and that is a typical example of an Autistic child.

We asked Cameron to say ‘Muma’ and he pronounced his ‘m’ perfectly. I queried this as on Tuesday the Speech Therapist was saying he couldn’t pronounce his ‘m’ properly and it was coming out as a ‘b’ So I was glad that the Paediatrician could see that he could do it.

The Paediatrician’s Findings

The Paediatrician could not be certain whether Cameron was Autistic or not.

Cameron has lots of things that point in the direction of Autism and lots of things that do not point in the direction of Autism. She was not able to say either way.

Cameron is a puzzle, which the Paediatrician agreed on. She said that she and the Senior Speech Therapist (We are still on the waiting list for that appointment) as well as the Health Visitor and Cameron’s nursery need to monitor him closely for the next 6-7 months and then go from there.

She did mention that if he were to have Autism then it would most likely be High Functioning Autism because  of how bright he is. He is very advanced. All that is lacking is his speech.

Cameron was absolutely brilliant during the meeting, he made Matt & I so proud. The paediatrician also commented on how lovely he was and how we were obviously doing a great job.

We all left the meeting very happy. It was a great relief to me knowing that the Paediatrician had seen ‘Cameron’s true colours’ in that meeting and would be able to give a more accurate account of him in her report. I honestly think that she is going to be a great help to Cameron in his learning.

They can stick any label they want on Cameron, I do not care whether he is Autistic or not, he will still be my Cameron. I just want to know what I can do to help him overcome his difficulties with his speech.

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  1. Dina Farmer January 18, 2013 / 6:18 am

    I'm hoping for the best Laura. I have a friend whose son was born 2 weeks before my son at 31 weeks. He was normal until his speech didn't start kicking in and signs started to point that he had Autism. He is now a 4 year old that can only say a few words, but he 100% understands everything you say to him. It's a struggle I know everyday for my friend and him but as long as they can understand each other now that's all that really matters. I really hope for the best for all of you!!

  2. admin January 24, 2013 / 11:51 am

    Hi Dina

    Thanks for your comment and my apologies for the late response.

    I am lucky because Cameron has a brilliant understanding of what we tell him. We have learnt to understand Cameron a lot better as well so can guess what he wants 90% of the time.

    I has started saying 'Yeah' or shakes his head for no when you ask him a question so that is a big improvement.

    We are on a long road. But we will get there eventually.

    thank you once again for your kind comments

    Laura x

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