Cameron’s Second Speech Therapy Appointment // 12.12.12

Yesterday was Cameron’s 2nd Speech Therapy Appointment. You can read about Cameron’s first Speech Therapy Appointment here. I had requested this appointment due to not being able to attend the weekly ‘Toddler Time’ group. It clashed with Cameron’s pre-school.

I went to Speech Therapy full of hope as to getting a solution to help Cameron to start talking. But unfortunately I came out more frustrated than when I went in.

The Outcome:

Speech Therapy have absolutely no idea how to help us to help Cameron to start talking. They haven’t had a case before where a child replaces talking with humming the words. Hard to believe right?

The Speech Therapist suggested all the things we have been already doing. For example repeating words over and over again, which I explained to her is not working because he says them back in humming. We have tried breaking down the words, that doesn’t work. We have even tried spelling them out in phonics as Cameron can quite happily recite the whole alphabet at will, but that does not work either. I asked if when he repeats a word in his humming, should I tell him that is not right and correct him, she said not to.

She asked if we wanted to start teaching him signs for words, I said no, we need to move forward, not side-wards with his talking. He can already communicate with his humming and as I told her ‘I am Fluent in Cameron’

All she could do, was say she would have a think about it and get back to me. But in the mean time she would refer me to the special needs team at the RUH who may be able to help further.

So now we wait, again.

I am so disappointed that at the moment I can not do anything to help Cameron to talk. I am more disappointed that the so called experts can not or will not help either.




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