Speech Therapy // The First Session

Following on from my previous post about Cameron’s Speech delay, we were finally given an appointment for Speech Therapy.

I went to Speech Therapy with so many hopes and expectations. I was hoping and praying that Speech Therapy to tell me that my son would be fine and that more importantly they had some miracle way of getting him to speak. What I was about to find out was the complete opposite.

We started the Speech Therapy with Cameron being observed whilst playing with toys. The Speech Therapist was watching how he interacted with them, watching how he dealt with problems with toys. Cameron was happy enough removing coloured balls from a toy, lining them up in colour order and putting them back exactly how they were. I knew the Therapist picked up on the fact he could sort them by colour.

The Therapist noticed humming words to himself. She said she hadn’t seen any child doing that before. That didn’t give me much hope of a resolution.

She then set him a few tasks. Cameron was asked to take things out of a bag and put them in a box. Cameron had to put certain toys in a bag and certain ones in a box. This was checking his understanding of what she was asking him to do. He excelled in all this, confirming that he could understand everything.

Next cards were placed in front of him with different emotions and activities on, for example a woman crying and a person riding a bike. The Speech Therapist then asked Cameron to spot which one was which. Cameron excelled in this.

She asked me a lot of questions about his home life, whether he interacted with other kids. Cameron tends to ignore other children. She also asked whether he liked a wide variety of food, which he does. I did explain to her that it is a challenge trying to get him to try new foods.

She asked what he was good at, I told her, he could recognise numbers from 1 – 70. I also explained that if there were number cards put on a table in the wrong order, he would sit there and put them in numerical order. He has been able to do this from a young age. He can recognise all his alphabet, knows all his colour and shapes.

I knew she was concerned about him, I could see it in her face. In the end, what finally put the nail in the coffin was when Cameron went over to a picture of shapes and started naming hexagons and octagons (with his humming). I looked at the Therapists face, and she was quite shocked to say the least. I knew what was coming, so I did say to her, let me guess you are thinking he’s Autistic aren’t you. She nodded, asking if I had a feeling. Of course it had been running in the back of my mind for some reason but I was trying to convince myself he was just a really smart kid.

She said that Cameron would need to be tested by a Senior Therapist and a Paediatrician to get a proper diagnosis. The Speech Therapist said she would arrange that.

The rest of the session was a blur. Too many emotions running through my head. I am heartbroken because he is my baby, and we all want our kids to be perfect. But at the same time I am relieved because we have potentially found the reason why Cam is not talking.

The Way Forward?

So now we wait, we are in limbo. There will be more Speech Therapy sessions until Cameron has been tested to see if he does have Autism. So I suppose all we can do in the mean time is do what we are already doing on a daily basis and just encourage him to talk.


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  1. Liv bySurprise April 27, 2016 / 3:00 am

    We're doing speech therapy with my youngest now. And it's terrifying.

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