Reading Eggs // Review

Reading Eggs Review

I was very excited when I got asked to test out the Reading Eggs Website with Cameron

Reading Eggs is a website designed to make reading easy and fun for kids. It is aimed at 3 – 13 year olds.

As you know Cameron has a Speech Delay and can not say many words, however he is able to spell lots of words using phonics and also recognises a variety of words, so I thought this would be perfect for him and maybe it would encourage him to talk more.

It has to be said that Reading Eggs is AMAZING! Cameron loves it and will ask me several times a day if he can go on it. Cameron especially likes Sam the ant (pictured below) We have been on Reading Eggs every day since I started the free trial and he has not gotten bored once. He protests a lot when I tell him we have to stop. I have definitely noticed a significant improvement in the way Cameron tries to communicate vocally and I do 100% believe that this is down to Reading Eggs.

The main thing that Reading Eggs focuses on is making things fun. If things are fun, then we are more likely to want to do them right? Well Reading Eggs took on that idea and has indeed made learning to read exactly that…. fun.

Each lesson concentrates on a particular phonic sound or simple words/sounds such as ‘am’ ‘it’ ‘at’ and has a variety of fun activities relating to the sounds and words including fun little mini games and songs.

The lessons are age appropriate and last about 15-20 minutes each, but you can always stop at any point and then pick up where you left off.

If your child wants a bit of a break from the lessons, there are also many different things you can do with Reading Eggs.

You can go to the playroom. The playroom has lots of fun activities such as:

1) Reading Books
2) Alphabet Games
3) Paint Easel
4) Music Mat
5) Craft Table
6) Play Kitchen
7) Play Matt

There is also an arcade room with games. These games you can pay for with ‘eggs’ these are the eggs that you earn when you complete a part of a lesson.

The matching pairs game is Cameron’s favourite and this encourages him to concentrate. It also helps hand eye coordination using the mouse.

I like the fact that you can keep an eye on the progress being made along with any strengths and weaknesses. I also like how you can go back to previous lessons whenever you need to. This is handy to recap on newly acquired skills such as sentence building, which Cameron finds a little overwhelming at present.

I am also impressed that it gives you an idea of the reading level your child is at. Now bearing in mind Cameron hasn’t even turned 3 yet, this is a major achievement.

Our Overall Thoughts

Overall I really do believe that Reading Eggs is a valuable asset to any child who is either learning to read or just needs that bit extra encouragement. Cameron has made significant progress despite his speech delay. I am confident that continuing to use Reading Eggs, his reading and speech will improve dramatically.

Reading Eggs makes reading fun for all kids, meaning that even the most stubborn child should be able to enjoy Reading Eggs.

Membership for Reading Eggs costs £39.95 a year for the first child with 50% off any additional children you register at the same time. I think this is brilliant value for money due to the quality of lessons that are available. Keep a look out for any special discounts that Reading Eggs may be offering.




Disclaimer: I was given a 5 week free trial of Reading Eggs for the purpose of the review. All views in this post are completely my own. 

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Reading Eggs Review

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  1. Anonymous August 27, 2014 / 9:59 am

    My son is 4 and has severe speech delay, I was interested to read how beneficial you felt Reading eggs was to your son and is definitely something I will consider for my little boy. It would be interesting to see how much he knows/understands without the reliance upon language. Thanks. Gillian

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