The Cameron Diaries // 06.05.2013

The Cameron Diaries

This is the latest installment in The Cameron Diaries.

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Dear Cameron.

Well the last week, you have really had it tough. On Sunday you came down with Gastroenteritis and it hit you really hard. You couldn’t keep anything down and you were so poorly. You went to bed without a bottle that night. It was heartbreaking as you didn’t understand why. So you cried, but I did it for your own good. Your temperature was high, but we couldn’t give you anything cause you couldn’t keep it down.

Last Monday you refused to drink. You were getting dehydrated, I had no choice but to syringe fluid into you. Unfortunately you didn’t like me doing this. You were getting worse and I was scared. You were still being violently sick. I made a Dr’s appointment for you that morning.

The Bus Crash

But that didn’t go to plan. As we went to get the bus, the bus opposite collided with a parked car, meaning we were stuck.

The Cameron Diaries

We had to stay on the bus until the police arrived. I pleaded with you to drink some more drink, you wouldn’t so I had to syringe it into you again. There was an old lady on the bus with us, she gave you 50p for being such a good boy.

We stayed with the lady on the bus for a while until she left. I rang the Dr’s and got you another appointment at the other surgery.

We went home for a bit before we left for the other surgery.

The Doctors Appointment

The Dr said you had gastroenteritis and there was nothing we could do for you but let your system do what it needed to do.

We went into town and as you slept in your pushchair I bought you some Rehydration Sachets from Boots.

When we got home you were so weak and exhausted. I syringed 5ml of Rehydration fluid into you every 5 minutes.

You slept for the rest of the day on the sofa next to me. Daddy was staying up with you again tonight, to make sure you were safe and to give you fluid.


On the Tuesday you woke up looking very poorly. You couldn’t even walk Your lips were very dry. You slept most of the day on the sofa again and I was still syringing fluid into you. I took you back to the Dr’s that afternoon and we got to see our own Dr. She checked you over thoroughly and told me she was worried about how dehydrated you were. I was told to continue syringing the fluid into you and if you made no improvement by Wednesday then we would need to get you admitted into hospital. Tuesday night, you slept on the sofa with me until 1am and then Daddy took over again.

Getting Better

On Wednesday, you woke up a bit brighter. But you were still very weak, you still couldn’t walk. You started drinking on your own and you even tried eating.

On Thursday you made even more improvement and began eating more and more, you still spent all day on the sofa. You had lost so much weight by this point. Your ribs and your spine were really protruding.

By the Friday you seemed to be more yourself and you actually got up and played.

A Trip To A&E

On Saturday. Well… you were back to being a little bugger! I was washing up and you came out to me smelling like petrol! yes Petrol! I went into the living room to investigate where the smell was coming from and noticed that your snow globe has broken. You were covered in the liquid. I asked you if you had drank it, you said no, when I asked you again you said yes!  Then I started to panick. I changed your clothes and washed you. Then I then made you drink lots of fluid, whilst I rang the NHS Direct.

I was advised to take you up A&E Immediately.

We arrived at the RUH we went straight to A&E with the remainder of the snow globe and were booked in. Before I know it we were rushed into Resus.

The Cameron Diaries

They had to put a Cannula in your hand to take some blood. I hated that I had to hold you still and prevent you from moving. You were screaming, you were scared. I held you tight and told you it would be ok.

A Kind nurse bought you some paper and colouring pencils in and also a balloon.

We had to wait for the blood results to come back.

Thankfully the blood results came back clear, but you still had to be observed for a few hours.

The Childrens Ward

They moved you to the Children’s ward. The HCA who took you there made it a game and you pretended the bed you were in was a racing car. You said Brrrm Brrrm and made people walking past you chuckle.

You were being so Brave.

The Cameron Diaries

They wanted to keep you in overnight because your BP was high. The reason it was high was because you were tired. It was 10pm! And also you didn’t like the way the machine squeezed your arm.

We were allowed to go home at 11pm. You were so tired but you didn’t moan. You were glad to get home and go to bed.

I was very relieved you were ok.

Back To Normal

Today we have had a very good day, and you my boy have eaten me out of house and home.

This afternoon, because we had such nice weather we went to the park. You loved going in the stream. It was the first time you had properly been in it. You would have stayed in there all day if you could.
The Cameron Diaries

Tonight is also your 9th Day of going to bed without a bottle. Seen as you managed to do it well when you were ill, Daddy and I thought it would be a good idea just to get rid of them now rather than giving them to you again and having to stop again next month. You are not doing too badly without them, however you did take 2 hours to go to sleep tonight.

Daddy and I are glad you are well again now, and that you didn’t swallow any of the snow globe liquid. we both love you very much.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the latest installment of The Cameron Diaries.

Night Night monkey bum  x x x




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