The Cameron Diaries // 14.05.2013

The Cameron DiariesThe Cameron Diaries

This is the latest installment in The Cameron Diaries. You can read the last installment of The Cameron Diaries Here:

Today Cameron, you have been a royal pain in the bum.

Whilst I understand that you are ill again from a cold and a cough, that is not an excuse to be naughty.

The day started off well, we had a lot of fun. We have played with your Peppa Pig playset. You enjoyed role playing, pretending you were George Pig and I was Mummy Pig. I would tell George to to back to bed, you would laugh and make George run away.

We played until I had to go and make lunch. You didn’t like this and you kicked up a big fuss whilst I was out in the kitchen, despite Daddy being in the living room with you.

The Cameron Diaries

This afternoon we played with Reading Eggs on the laptop

You are getting very good at recognising more complicated words now and your spelling is coming along really well.

I only wish your attention span was better. But then I suppose you are like me, if you want to do it you will, if you dont, you wont.

You do not like your nappy being changed at the moment and you will kick up a big fuss about it. You even kicked me today. When I had finished I sat down with you and told you that kicking was wrong, you responded by hitting me. Cameron this is not like you one bit. I told you off and left you in the living room whilst I went to hang the washing.

You are still eating a lot at the moment and you started moaning you were hungry just as I was putting tea on. You sat on the sofa screaming and wailing because you wanted food. I sat down with you and explained that tea was cooking, and you needed to stop screaming whilst it cooked. I told you that it would be ready before Dora had finished. This didn’t settle you, and I gave in and gave you a biscuit. I wont always do this, so don’t make a habit of it!

When your tea was ready you started eating it really fast. I couldn’t believe how hungry you were. Then all of sudden you started choking on mashed potato and carrots. You looked at me, eyes wide open, full of fear. I shouted for Matt and started smacking you on the back. It wouldn’t dislodge from your throat. I was scared. I leant you forward and kept smacking you on the back. After 5 or 6 times it dislodged and you screamed. I held you close and calmed you down. You then had a drink and then to my amazement you wanted to carry on eating. You finished all your food, then had two small yoghurt’s and a packet of crisps.

The Cameron Diaries

After tea we all played in your bedroom. You enjoyed playing with your cars with Daddy and then we all read some books. You loved the books ‘I Love Daddy’ and ‘I Love Mummy’ We also played with your pirate ship.

It was then time to go to bed. You don’t particularly like going to bed at the moment, I think its because you don’t have a bottle any more, however you never ask for it any more. You have now been 2 and a half weeks without a bottle at bedtime and I am very proud of you.

Love you monkey bum x x x




See you next time for the next installment of The Cameron Diaries.

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