The Cameron Diaries // 17.05.13

The Cameron Diaries

The Cameron Diaries

This is the latest installment of The Cameron Diaries. You can read the last installment of The Cameron Diaries here

Today Cameron you woke up in a very grumpy mood. I think your body is still adjusting to not having milk at night.

Your bad mood continued until we left for nursery and I have to say I was quite glad you were going.

On the way to nursery you were getting upset and motioning to be that your feet were hurting. I knew exactly why. It was your toenails. They are getting long now, but you refuse to let me cut them. It usually takes both me and Daddy to hold you still so we can do it.

As soon as we got to nursery you cheered right up.

I told Nursery you had been a pain in the bum this morning. I’m not sure they believe me as you are never naughty for them.

I picked you up at 12pm today.

Your nappy was full so I changed you in the Nursery Toilets. You started playing up, your key worker snuck up behind you and watched. I am so glad she did cause now she can see what I am on about when I say you are naughty.<

We sat outside your nursery and you ate your buttons I had brought for you. A member of staff from the nursery walked over and said how well you were getting on at nursery. Apparently you also have a keen interest for what the other kids are eating and so I have asked them to make a list of the foods, so I can buy them.

When we got home you had dinner, Spag Bol, your favourite.

We then played for a lot of the afternoon.

We used 4 toilet Roll Tubes to make a Pirate Telescope

The Cameron Diaries
You enjoyed colouring in the telescope and you made the ‘Arghhhhh’ Sound whilst looking through it.

We also then dragged Mr Potato Head back out and had fun coming up with all the combinations you wanted. You would either say they were Mummy, Daddy or Cameron.

The Cameron Diaries

After we had tea. I decided to take you to the park to wear you out a bit, plus it was lovely weather. We spent about an hour down the park. Your favourite today was going on the helicopter climbing frame.

When we got home, you were tired and you wanted to go to bed. You went straight to sleep tonight

Night Night Monkey Bum. Mummy is looking forward to the next installment of The Cameron Diaries.




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The Cameron Diaries



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    Thank you lovely. He does certainly have a lot of fun x x x

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