The Cameron Diaries // 22.04.2013

Cameron Diaries

Cameron, I am really loving writing The Cameron Diaries for you. You can read the last one here.

I love you very much, but if you get me up at 6.50am again like you did this morning, me and you are going to have words my boy.

This afternoon, after I had consumed copious amounts of tea to keep me awake we set off to go and get the bus. I must say Cameron I was not impressed with you falling asleep on the bus! Little monkey! You get up early, get me up early then just casually fall asleep safe in the knowledge that you would not go to bed on time tonight. I think if we were not on a crowded bus, I would have woken you up instantly!

I took you to a park where I grew up playing.

It hasn’t changed much in 15 years, but it has been given a lick of paint. You enjoyed exploring the park and had fun going on the big swing with me.

Next I took you to the camp site which is just next to the park and opposite the house I grew up in. The camp site has a lot of history with me. I used to build dens with my friends in the woods surrounding the camp site and also used to go in the stream running through it.

We also came across a a female duck and a male duck. Now these ducks have been around FOREVER! It used to be one female and two male ducks but one of the male ducks sadly died a few years ago. You enjoyed watching the duck swim in the water and kept looking at me as if to say ‘Why didn’t you bring some bread?’ I hope next time we see them, they will have some baby ducks with them. Hopefully Mummy will remember the bread too.


When we got home, you played whilst I cooked tea. You did not eat your tea tonight, as you didn’t like it. But you were more than happy to eat your cheese and onion crisps you had left from earlier. I must remember to take them out of the room when we are eating a meal.

You were a bit of a monkey going to bed tonight. You fell asleep around 8.30 after two bottles of milk. Make the most of them sweetheart, because when you turn three soon, the bottles are going!

Mummy and Daddy love you very much and I am looking forward to the next installment of The Cameron Diaries.

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Photo by Johann Siemens on here

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