The Cameron Diaries // 24.04.2013

The Cameron Diaries

Dear Cameron. This is the latest installment in The Cameron Diaries. You can read the last installment of The Cameron Diaries here.

Today has been a very busy day little monkey.

You got up today about 7.00. Still a bit too early for my liking, but seeing as you slept through the night, Mummy will let you off.

Today was a Pre-School day.

You ran into Pre-School so happy. I am so proud of you that you can find your own name on your coat peg. You have been able to recognise your name for so long now. Some of the other children who are 4 are not able to do this yet, so this makes me so proud of you.

I dropped you off at Pre-School and picked up your art work on my way out.

Nursery have told me that you like using the stamps. I will try and get you some.

I picked you up at 1.00 and you told me you wanted to get the bus home. You did this by spelling ‘Bus’ You are beginning to spell it quicker now, so it actually sounds like you are saying bus.

When we got home. We got the plasticine out as we haven’t had it out in a while.

First of all we created a plasticine version of you. You told me what colours you would like for each of the different parts. I was happy you were engaging with me in this activity. You helped put the eyes, the nose and the mouth on. You were very happy with the results.

Next we made a couple of ducks. You did very well at making your own duck.

I had made you a pink mouse, which you decided needed to sit on the ducks back to get across the water.

You then rolled out some blue plasticine to make a pond for the ducks.

We made some plasticine strawberry’s for the ducks to eat. This is when you thought it was a real strawberry and ate a bit. I was frantically checking the box to see how poisonous it was! Luckily it didn’t say anything on the box and it was only a small amount anyway! We then made a birthday cake for the ducks. You enjoyed putting the candles on the cake. Even if it was a bit fiddly. You then role played with the ducks pretending to eat the cake and strawberry’s. The Speech Therapist says your not very good at role playing. But I know you are. I will be mentioning this to her at the next meeting with the photographs as proof.

We did lots more role playing. Me got the ducks to chase each other, to fall asleep and then get woken up by the other duck. The ducks even went on a plasticine slide.

We had lots of fun with the plasticine.

Next, you found Daddy’s set of dominoes. You had never played with these before, so we sat down and had a look. I showed you we needed to match the number of dots up. But you weren’t really interested in doing this. So I showed you how to line them all up and push one so the others fall down. You found this interesting and tried to set them up yourself. You got a little frustrated when you couldn’t do it. So I showed you how to make a tower out of them. You loved knocking them down.

When Daddy got home and you had finished your tea, we showed Daddy all the things we made using the plasticine. Daddy then made you a snake. You made Daddy be the Cameron figure and you were chasing him with the snake, you took turns and had lots of fun. I made you a bumble bee and Daddy made it buzz around you, making you laugh hysterically. You were sad when it was bed time, but we turned it into a game. You had your milk and went straight to sleep.

What a fantastic day we have had today.

Tomorrow, you have Pre-School again and Mummy and Daddy will be coming with you as you have another Learning Journey event for us to see how you are getting on.

Night Night Monkey Bum. I really hope you enjoy reading back on The Cameron Diaries when you are older.




Photo by Sebastian Pichler on Unsplash

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  1. Izzie Anderton April 24, 2013 / 7:51 pm

    Some amazing creations. Maybe you'll stay in bed a bit longer tomorrow after such a busy day?!

    • admin April 24, 2013 / 8:03 pm

      Ha! I doubt it. Cameron seems to not like sleeping at the moment. No matter how much he does, he rarely gets tired. And he has Pre-School again in the morning so need to be up by 8 at the latest.

      I did try to make a frog… but that went… well very wrong so I turned it into a turtle! I am not very creative. lol

      x x x

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