The Cameron Diaries // 26.04.2013

The Cameron Diaries

This is the latest installment in The Cameron Diaries. You can find the last one here

Dear Cameron

Today was another Pre-School day. But it was only a short day today for you today.

When I picked you up, we got the bus into town. We went into MacDonalds. We don’t often eat MacDonalds, but I thought I would treat you. A lady with balloons came up to us when we got there and you chose a pink balloon. You enjoyed playing with your happy meal toy and eating your chips.
After we had finished our food, we went into Iceland as I needed to get a drink. You picked up a packet of 3 kinder eggs and insisted we get them. I am too soft on you and so I did get them, but I gave one to a friends little girl. You were not impressed with this, but Cameron, you need to learn to share. I had to tie the balloon round your wrist in case you let go of it.
We then took a walk through town. You saw a man painted all green and you put some money in his hat on the floor. He waved at you and this freaked you out a bit. You wouldn’t stand next to him for me to take your photo.
We next went to the pound shop. I let you choose what ever you wanted. You chose a car, a tractor, and some colouring pens. I bought you some George Pig socks, some normal socks, 2 sports bottles and a colouring pad. You were very happy with your new things.
Unfortunately we lost the pink balloon on the way back to the bus stop. You look sad as the balloon floated off, but you did wave at it, say bye and blow it a kiss. You are a softy.
When we got home you and Daddy sat down and did some colouring.
You were a very good boy today little man
Love Mummy x x x




Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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The Cameron Diaries


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