The Story So Far // 09.10.2012

The Story So Far

So here I am, new in the blogging world. Not sure where I am going or really what I am doing. I’ve decided to start this blog to write my experiences of going through speech therapy with Cameron. I believe it will great to look back at this at years to come and I also hope that it will help others who are going through the same thing.

From when Cameron was about 14 months, I knew there was something wrong with his speech development. You would hear all the other kids around him begin to say words, even some of them would be talking in sentences. However nothing from my gorgeous little boy. The Health Visitor said it was nothing to worry about, all kids are different. Other people said boys are slower than girls and some said, you’re lucky, I can’t shut mine up. I couldn’t wait for the day when he said Mummy.

Although Cameron was a late developer in sitting up, crawling and walking, his speech is now the only thing holding him back. He’s very intelligent otherwise. Cameron can sit and arrange numbers in the right order up to 60. If you ask him to show you which number is (for example 54) he will point to it. He knows his alphabet (using the point method above), He knows his colours, He can understand everything you say and ask him. Is just the speech holding him back.

Now this is the bit that confuses people and will no doubt confuse the speech therapist. He speaks in humming tones. For example if you ask him to say seven he says ‘hmm hmm’ If you ask him what a toy is (for example a car) He says ‘I’ts a car’ by saying ‘hmm hmm hmm, changing the tone for the car hmm. So of course, me, my partner and close friends and family can understand what he says.

He will say a few words clearly and will attempt others but only when you ask him. His favourite words that he will use on his own is ‘Dada’ His favourite person in the world. ‘Muma’ when he wants something, ‘Owl’ His favourite animal and ‘Gemma’, who is one of my friends.

His current word vocabulary is:

Muma, Dada, Gemma, Owl, Bot Bot, Mole, Camel (although not clear), Yeah yeah, Mooo (for a cow) and that’s it really.

Recent visits from the Health Visitor (at my request) discussed getting him into a nursery with the two year funding (still waiting to hear back) and also if by Christmas 2012 no improvement then speech therapy. I┬ádidn’t want to wait until Christmas, I want the best for my baby so i requested the speech therapy, appointment came through really quick and we have an app next Tuesday.

I’m really hoping that this speech therapy will help him and not hinder him. My son has been known for his stubbornness and he wont do anything he doesn’t want to. (Gets that from his Father)

So I will be updating of how the appointment went and also Cameron’s progress in between these visits.


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  1. Sonya Cisco December 7, 2012 / 11:09 am

    I had similar worries with my middle son. Some testing declared him free of autism, and speech came on quickly from about 2 and a half. He does still display some 'autistic' characteristics but I chose not to push for retesting. He is 9, very bright, has friends and is settled at school. Who cares if he is a little quirky- beats boring! I wish you luck on your journey! X

  2. admin December 17, 2012 / 11:11 am

    Hi Sonya. Sorry I have only just seen this comment.
    Many thanks for your well wishes, we are on a very long and winding road at the moment.
    Did your son have any problems interacting with kids at the age of around 2? I do worry that Cameron wont make friends.

  3. alternatetutelage September 22, 2014 / 7:02 am

    Wow. So good to look at this and see how your life has progressed since this moment in time! Lovely!

  4. Elena Peters May 5, 2015 / 12:15 pm

    I'm reading this in 2015. Wow, how far he has come! Im sure your posts will be very encouraging to other mothers dealing with the same issues.

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