Cameron’s Speech Therapist // Update

It’s been playing on my mind a lot recently about the Speech Therapist’s assessment on Cameron that is due to happen this Friday. In our last TAC meeting, I made it adamantly clear to the Speech Therapist, that there was to be no more Autism talk or assessments or anything to do with Autism full stop. However as you probably know from my previous posts, the Speech Therapists aren’t one to listen to me and always go off on their own agenda. So I tried ringing her last Thursday. She wasn’t available. So I left a message that under no… View Post

Cameron’s Speech Delay Update // 10.06.13

As many of you will know Cameron has a major speech delay and can only say a select few words. We don’t know why he has a speech delay and it’s currently being investigated. Originally we thought/were told that it may be Autism but if you’ve been following the blog, you’ll see that we were fighting against the diagnosis as the only criteria that Cameron fit in the ASD test was lack of speech. However, looking at the positives. The last week has been amazing. The last week, Cameron has made a real improvement on his words, on his own,… View Post

The Gallery // Two

I am joining in with The Gallery again this week. You can find my last The Gallery Post Here  The Gallery is a Weekly Linky thought up and ran by Tara at Sticky Fingers Blog. Here is what she says about the linky. I launched The Gallery, a weekly feature for people like me to participate in. I want to encourage other bloggers, offer inspiration, give them all a place to showcase their work. It’s essentially a virtual art gallery of photographs which opens its doors every week for everyone and anyone to join in. Every Friday I give a… View Post

Curious George Swings Into Spring // DVD Review

Cameron and I were very lucky to be given a Curious George DVD to review. Curious George Swings into Spring is about a monkey called George who has spring fever. But Curious George doesn’t know what Spring is. The man in the yellow hat then explains to Curious George all about spring. Curious George wants to tell and show his friend Hundley, the lobby dog, all about spring. But Hundley is too busy helping the doorman spring clean the Hotel for a competition. Disaster strikes and everyone from the hotel has to be evacuated for a few days. The man… View Post

The Cameron Diaries // 29.05.2013

This is the latest installment of The Cameron Diaries, you can read the last installment here: Today Cameron, I was adamant that I was not going to do any housework and spend as much of the day as possible with you. The original plan for the day was to go down the road to the shoe mending shop, go to the bank, go to the shop and then back up to the park for the rest of the morning. The afternoon would just be you and I and we would have lots of fun doing different activities. But as you… View Post