Reasons To Be Cheerful // 16.05.13

I love taking part in My Reasons To Be Cheerful. It allows me to focus on the positive things in my life, rather than dwell on the negative. You can read my last Reasons To Be Cheerful post here: My Reasons To Be Cheerful this week are: I am ALIVE!! A childhood friend of mine sadly passed away from Cancer a few weeks ago. He was only 22. We were very close growing up, however lost contact when I moved away. The last time I saw him was in Argos when I was picking up Cameron’s new bedding. It really… View Post

Right Guard Xtreme Invisible // Review

  I was very please to be chosen by BzzAgent to review Right Guard Xtreme invisible deodorant. I was sent two spray cans of the deodorant to test out. Right Guard Xtreme invisible deodorant has a scientifically proven Triple Stain Protection formula that sprays on clear and protects against white, oily and yellow stains. Right Guard Xtreme invisible deodorant is dermatologically tested and alcohol free. It is also the first invisible anti-perspirant deodorant with up to 72 hours protection against sweat and body odour. My skins usually reacts badly to deodorants in the form of a spray. It makes me… View Post

My Life According To // Linkin Park

  The lovely Emily from Family Four Fun  has set me a challenge this week. The challenge is called ‘My Life According To….’ Basically you can only use the song titles from ONE artist to answer questions, and then you have to tag 5 people so they can have a go. So here we go: My life according to Linkin Park Are you Male or Female? – Forgotten Describe yourself? – By Myself How do you feel? – One Step Closer Describe where you currently live? – Roads Untravelled If you could go anywhere? – Run Away You best friend is?… View Post

Reasons To Be Cheerful // 09.05.2013

This week I am joining in with a new linky called Reasons To be Cheerful. This is is hosted by Michelle from Mummy From The Heart (Note: 2018 I found out its also being hosted by Becky from Lakes Single Mum as well.) My reasons to be cheerful this week. Cameron has now made a full recovery from his nasty bout of Gastroenteritis. He has now resumed his normal activity of eating me out of house and home. Cameron can now say ‘Hi Monkey’ and ‘Hi Doggy’ This is a major success for him. I am hoping this will give… View Post

Badgers and Neighbours // Who Put in The Complaint?

Badgers and Neighbours, what an interesting mix. We have had a problem with Badgers in our back garden for about a year. They either have a set at the back of my garden or they are coming in from the allotments opposite.  Either way they are a massive pain in the bum! They rip through my bin bags every night, leaving my garden looking like a landfill. Even though there is absolutely NO food in there. I recycle my food waste. Every Thursday without fail (apart from the last 3 weeks) I have been out there, with my industrial gloves… View Post