Being Unapologetic // Book Review

NEW RELEASE…. Are you tired of hiding who you are and what you believe? Are you ready to be your true self and shine for all the world to see? Do you want to unleash your X factor as an influential speaker and leader to positively impact others? Whether you’re ready or not to be unapologetic about who you are, this book will give you the confidence and know-how to do so. Davide Di Giorgio knows what it’s like to hide your true identity. He spent years repressing the truth that he was gay. But one day he found the… View Post

Into The Woods // Book Review

  Into the Woods is the title and theme for this assortment of short stories, poems, essays, music, and one walking meditation. Each piece is unique in tone and genre and the result is that the collection captures the fascinating, frightening, fun, healing, and fantastical wonder of time spent in the woods. Most importantly the twenty-six contributors who attended Mindful Writers Retreats in the mountains of Ligonier, Pennsylvania, are donating one hundred percent of the proceeds to support the research and work of The Children’s Heart Foundation.   Available at….   Barnes and Noble   Kobo   iBooks   Paperback  Into The… View Post

Bakerdays // Letter Box Cake Review

Bakerdays contacted me and asked if I would like to review one of their ‘Letter Box Cakes’ Whatever the occasion we have the perfect personalised cake for your special celebration. All our cakes can be personalised with any photo, name or special message. Do you have your own design in mind? Then fear not, we offer a bespoke design service so get in touch with one of our in-house designers for a truly personalised experience. Not only that, but we have a great range of recipes, next day delivery options and matching gifts available – helping you fulfill all your personalised… View Post

Veet EasyWax Review // BzzAgent Campaign

  BzzAgent got in touch and asked if I would like to try out the new Veet EasyWax product. I instantly said yes. The last time I used Veet was when it was still called Immac. That was in the form of a cream and all I remember is it really stung my skin and didn’t actually work. So I stuck with my good old friend, the trusty razor. So I was excited to see how this rebrand and a new product would actually work. However, it gets very boring having to shave my legs every other day, and using… View Post

Curious George Swings Into Spring // DVD Review

Cameron and I were very lucky to be given a Curious George DVD to review. Curious George Swings into Spring is about a monkey called George who has spring fever. But Curious George doesn’t know what Spring is. The man in the yellow hat then explains to Curious George all about spring. Curious George wants to tell and show his friend Hundley, the lobby dog, all about spring. But Hundley is too busy helping the doorman spring clean the Hotel for a competition. Disaster strikes and everyone from the hotel has to be evacuated for a few days. The man… View Post