My Sunday Photo // 28.04.2013

My Sunday Photo

I love taking part in My Sunday Photo.

This weeks My Sunday Photo is a Green Human Statue that Cameron and I saw in town. I wrote about us seeing this Green Human Statue in my latest installment of the Cameron Diaries.

My Sunday Photo

I was amazed how this man managed to keep this position so long without moving or cramping up. However I later learned they have seats built into their costumes. So the only problem they actually face is not moving.

Cameron put money in the mans hat and the man waved at him. This made Cameron jump and freak out, but I explained to him that it was all ok. We watched him for a while. Cameron was fascinated by him. Other children and adults would laugh and jump when he moved. It’s all about the element of surprise.

Living in a World Heritage City that is popular with tourists, we get a lot of attractions like this. I always find them really fascinating. There is always lots to see and do in Bath whether you are a resident of a tourist.

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