Veet EasyWax Review // BzzAgent Campaign

  BzzAgent got in touch and asked if I would like to try out the new Veet EasyWax product. I instantly said yes. The last time I used Veet was when it was still called Immac. That was in the form of a cream and all I remember is it really stung my skin and didn’t actually work. So I stuck with my good old friend, the trusty razor. So I was excited to see how this rebrand and a new product would actually work. However, it gets very boring having to shave my legs every other day, and using… View Post

Curious George Swings Into Spring // DVD Review

Cameron and I were very lucky to be given a Curious George DVD to review. Curious George Swings into Spring is about a monkey called George who has spring fever. But Curious George doesn’t know what Spring is. The man in the yellow hat then explains to Curious George all about spring. Curious George wants to tell and show his friend Hundley, the lobby dog, all about spring. But Hundley is too busy helping the doorman spring clean the Hotel for a competition. Disaster strikes and everyone from the hotel has to be evacuated for a few days. The man… View Post

The Cameron Diaries // 29.05.2013

This is the latest installment of The Cameron Diaries, you can read the last installment here: Today Cameron, I was adamant that I was not going to do any housework and spend as much of the day as possible with you. The original plan for the day was to go down the road to the shoe mending shop, go to the bank, go to the shop and then back up to the park for the rest of the morning. The afternoon would just be you and I and we would have lots of fun doing different activities. But as you… View Post

Desperation // A Call To The Paediatrician

This post follows on from Cameron’s TAC Meeting The events that went on in the TAC meeting had been haunting me all weekend. We were told that the Autism diagnosis would be dropped, but we were told that the last two times. What made this time any different? It suddenly occurred to me that Cameron’s Paediatrician had been receiving all the reports from the Speech Therapist. These were the reports that were full of inaccurate information, claiming that Cameron was indeed Autistic. The Paediatrician had not heard things from our perspective. After leaving the Paediatrician a message to try to… View Post

Meatball Tortilla Wraps // #Hungry2Happy Challenge

Britmums have been asking whether you can make a ‘easy to prepare, versitile meal for kids that turn cheeky monkeys into satisfied angels in minutes’ using New Richmond Mini Meatballs. ‘Richmond Mini Meatballs are bite sized pork meatballs that are quick and easy to prepare as part of a hassle-free meal in just 8 minutes’ I decided to make Meatball Tortilla Wraps. Tortilla’s are always a big hit in our house and it was good to be able to put something different in them instead of chicken. This recipe will make 5 tortilla wraps and takes about 15 minutes to… View Post