OXO Roller Mop // Review

OXO Roller Mop Review


I was very excited when I got the chance to review the OXO Roller Mop.

As some of you may know, keeping my house clean and tidy is one of my new years resolutions. And there is nothing more than I like, than new gadgets to clean with.

The Roller Mop costs £25.00 to buy with sponge refills costing £8.00. You can buy these on Amazon


OXO Roller Mop

The OXO Roller Mop boasts:

  • Absorbent antibacterial sponge
  • Scrubbing strips gently remove dirt and grime
  • Durable roller effortlessly squeeze out excess water
  • Soft comfortable, non slip grips
  • Simply open mop and slide off sponge for easy replacement

Initial Thoughts

When I opened the packaging for the roller mop, I was instantly impressed. This roller mop looked like it should cost £25.00. It looked well made, using good quality materials and I wasn’t afraid that it would break if I really used some power with it to get rid of a stain on the floor. This Roller Mop was built to last.
The handle system on the roller mop is brilliant! There are 3 different stages. One where you squeeze all the water out, one to clean your floor and the other releases the sponge so you can replace it easily with a new sponge.
I have had a roller mop before and to be honest it was shockingly bad. Made out of cheap materials, felt like it would snap if I put any pressure on it and didn’t squeeze the water out properly. So I was interested to try out a better quality one to see if it was any good.

I specifically didn’t wash my kitchen and bathroom floors for a week whilst waiting to test this product (I’m lying of course, I was just too lazy to wash them, but figured it was a excellent way to test a mop, by using a dirty floor as the test subject)

Testing the OXO Roller Mop

I used my normal mop bucket but took the drainer off of it so I could get the mop in. If your’s doesn’t come off you can always use the sink. I used a mixture of hot water and disinfectant. The water was 65degrees (I can control the temperature of the water through the boiler) The sponge was not affected by the hot water or the disinfectant in any negative way.

It was very easy to squeeze the water out of the OXO Roller Mop using the handle system. The whole process was very smooth and efficient. It does help if you turn the sponge vertically to also use the power of gravity to get the water out.

Cleaning with the OXO Roller Mop was an absolute doddle! It glides across the floor effortlessly whilst also maintaining a high standard of cleaning. I found it was also quicker than using a regular string mop. The OXO Roller Mop is also very easy to control. You can also do your skirting boards with this mop as well. The OXO Roller Mop left my floors immaculately clean.

You certainly get what you pay for and that is high quality.

The OXO Roller Mop also dries very easily and any bits that are on the Roller Mop sponge can be easily removed when the Roller Mop has dried. There was no unpleasant odour to the mop when it dried either.

The only downfall for this mop is that I found it easier to use in bigger rooms like the kitchen. The bathroom wasn’t hard to do but it was a bit fiddly. Although that said, a person would get used to it after a few goes.

Final Thoughts

Overall I loved this product and will be saying Good Bye to my current string mop! Even if I was not sent this product to review I would still have paid the £25.00 for it.




Disclaimer: I was sent the OXO Roller Mop for the purpose of the review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains an affiliate link. If you purchase the OXO Roller Mop using this link, I receive a small amount of money. This does not effect the price you pay.

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OXO Roller Mop


  1. Sarah Gordon November 10, 2014 / 8:01 pm

    I desperately need a new mop this looks great! I've gone through two in the last few months might have to upgrade!

  2. Lynsey Ward November 10, 2014 / 8:03 pm

    I need one of these in my life! It looks fantastic for reaching places my little arms wont reach!

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