Right Guard Xtreme Invisible // Review


Right Guard Xtreme Invisible

I was very please to be chosen by BzzAgent to review Right Guard Xtreme invisible deodorant.

I was sent two spray cans of the deodorant to test out.
Right Guard Xtreme invisible deodorant has a scientifically proven Triple Stain Protection formula that sprays on clear and protects against white, oily and yellow stains.
Right Guard Xtreme invisible deodorant is dermatologically tested and alcohol free.
It is also the first invisible anti-perspirant deodorant with up to 72 hours protection against sweat and body odour.
My skins usually reacts badly to deodorants in the form of a spray. It makes me really itch. So it was going to be interesting to see how I reacted to these.
Right Guard Xtreme Invisible

So how did I get on?

First of all, my skin did not react to this product one bit, I had no itchy skin and no irritation. The deodorant has a really pleasant fresh smell and left me feel fresh and dry.
I used this deodorant over a number of days with different coloured tops, to see if any residue or stains would be left. I was very amazed to see that when wearing a black top, I had no white stains. When wearing light coloured tops, I was also more amazed to see that there were no oily or yellow stains.
Right Guard Xtreme Invisible
This picture shows that Right Guard leaves absolutely no oil, yellow or white residue when sprayed onto black paper. The leading brand however, left this really yellow powder stain. I was really surprised by this as it is a well known brand and quite expensive to buy.

This deodorant does exactly what it says it does. I haven’t used my normal deodorant since using Right Guard Xtreme Invisible deodorant and I will continue to use it.




Disclaimer: All views in this post are completely my own. I did not receive any money for writing this review. However I did get to keep the two deodorants that were sent to me. This review is part of my BzzCampaign for Right Guard.

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Right Guard Xtreme Invisible

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  1. Stephanie June 20, 2018 / 4:37 pm

    Right guard xtreme is one of my favorites. I too like this deodorant. All of my friends like it and ask me about it.

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