Cameron’s Speech Therapist // Update

It’s been playing on my mind a lot recently about the Speech Therapist’s assessment on Cameron that is due to happen this Friday. In our last TAC meeting, I made it adamantly clear to the Speech Therapist, that there was to be no more Autism talk or assessments or anything to do with Autism full stop. However as you probably know from my previous posts, the Speech Therapists aren’t one to listen to me and always go off on their own agenda. So I tried ringing her last Thursday. She wasn’t available. So I left a message that under no… View Post

Cameron’s Speech Delay Update // 10.06.13

As many of you will know Cameron has a major speech delay and can only say a select few words. We don’t know why he has a speech delay and it’s currently being investigated. Originally we thought/were told that it may be Autism but if you’ve been following the blog, you’ll see that we were fighting against the diagnosis as the only criteria that Cameron fit in the ASD test was lack of speech. However, looking at the positives. The last week has been amazing. The last week, Cameron has made a real improvement on his words, on his own,… View Post

Desperation // A Call To The Paediatrician

This post follows on from Cameron’s TAC Meeting The events that went on in the TAC meeting had been haunting me all weekend. We were told that the Autism diagnosis would be dropped, but we were told that the last two times. What made this time any different? It suddenly occurred to me that Cameron’s Paediatrician had been receiving all the reports from the Speech Therapist. These were the reports that were full of inaccurate information, claiming that Cameron was indeed Autistic. The Paediatrician had not heard things from our perspective. After leaving the Paediatrician a message to try to… View Post

Cameron’s Tac Meeting // 24.05.2013

Today was Cameron’s 2nd Tac Meeting. This follows on from the Home Visit we had from the Speech Therapist. You can read what happened at the 1st Tac Meeting here We didn’t go to see her in for an understanding of Language Assessment a few weeks ago because Cameron had Gastroenteritis. Meeting started off well, talking about Cameron’s strengths and what he had improved on. Then it got round to the Speech Therapists turn. She brought out her little document that she had recorded the 45 minute assessment on and claimed that Cameron was indeed on the Autism spectrum  having scored… View Post

Speech Therapist // Home Visit

Following on from Cameron’s Tac Meeting, we had a ‘Specialist’ Speech Therapist visit us this afternoon. However this was not the same Speech Therapist that had been attending Cameron’s TAC Meetings. She is now on long term sick. So this ‘Specialist’ was to come to our house to assess Cameron, having not met him previously and only going on notes she may or may have not read. First of all she was late, I hate late people with a passion. When she finally turned up. She came in and introduced herself to us and Cameron and sat down with the… View Post