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Cameron’s First Nativity // 13.12.12

  Today has been a brilliant day, it was Cameron’s first Nativity. I think I was more nervous than Cameron today. Cameron was very excited and showed this by humming excitedly all morning. I was nervous for him, nervous that he really wouldn’t understand what was going on, nervous that he would get upset being in a room full of people who he didn’t know. Nervous that other parents would judge him for his humming. As you are aware Cameron at this stage is practically non verbal. You can read more about Cameron in my first ever blog post.  … View Post

Cameron’s Second Speech Therapy Appointment // 12.12.12

Yesterday was Cameron’s 2nd Speech Therapy Appointment. You can read about Cameron’s first Speech Therapy Appointment here. I had requested this appointment due to not being able to attend the weekly ‘Toddler Time’ group. It clashed with Cameron’s pre-school. I went to Speech Therapy full of hope as to getting a solution to help Cameron to start talking. But unfortunately I came out more frustrated than when I went in. The Outcome: Speech Therapy have absolutely no idea how to help us to help Cameron to start talking. They haven’t had a case before where a child replaces talking with… View Post

Cameron, Speech And Autism // An Update

I received a letter today from the Speech Therapist detailing the Speech Therapy Session we had last week. I read it and I cried. It was horrible to read. Of of Cameron’s problems were laid out in actual words, there in black and white. All my hopes of things getting better disappeared. On the front page of the letter it says that the Speech and Language Therapy Diagnosis is 1) Severe expressive language delay 2) Social communication difficulties (He’s only 2 at the moment, so not so worried about this) The first part of the letter starts out well, focusing… View Post

Speech Therapy // The First Session

Following on from my previous post about Cameron’s Speech delay, we were finally given an appointment for Speech Therapy. I went to Speech Therapy with so many hopes and expectations. I was hoping and praying that Speech Therapy to tell me that my son would be fine and that more importantly they had some miracle way of getting him to speak. What I was about to find out was the complete opposite. We started the Speech Therapy with Cameron being observed whilst playing with toys. The Speech Therapist was watching how he interacted with them, watching how he dealt with… View Post